Roll up banners

Roll up banners with an eye catching design are an excellent way to promote your business. They are among the most flexible and compact types of advertising. It is easy to carry anywhere and can be used in various occasions like seminars, expos etch. It’s a portable advertising solution that will get you the perfect exposure.

Social Data Network

Do you remember YPERATOU (HYPERTRUMPS), the children’s board game of the 80’s? We redesigned it for SODANET! Instead of motorcycles, cars, planes, ships, cats, dogs and dinosaurs, the cards contain Socio-Economic indicators of countries for 2020. The values ​​of the indicators are available through Eurostat’s Database and some of the indicators are documented at Sodanet’s Data Catalogue.  The indicators relate to key social science topics, such as employment, education, demography, economics and health.